donderdag 24 maart 2011

Water Watch Worldwide

The majority of people in the developed world can turn on their kitchen sink and shower confident that a stream of clean, potable water will come flowing out of it. This luxury is taken for granted as approximately a third of the planet’s population starves for water. In truth, however, the reality of the situation is drastic: water - the most essential of natural elements - is rapidly becoming dangerously scarce and reaching crisis proportions. In order to enhance awareness on the increasingly urgent issue of water scarcity, waste and distribution the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), the UN General Assembly designated 22 March of each year as the World Day for Water.

The students of International Public Management and Safety and Security Management, and Agorà Student Union of The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THU), in collaboration with the Institute of Social Studies (ISS), have organized a conference/debate to increase public awareness of global water related issues within interesting environmental, social and economic areas - Watching Water Worldwide.

This event constitutes the first student-led collaborative initiative between THU, Agorà Student Union and the ISS and, we believe, a first step in a wider effort to connect the educational institutions of the Hague and the Netherlands among themselves and with a variety of public, private, professional, governmental and non-profit organizations to further increase the quality, reputation and international recognition of Dutch tertiary education.

The conference will be day-long and feature four main workshops centred around various focus areas parallel to which a number of relevant documentaries will run. Target audience will mainly consist of international English–speaking students, as well as academic professionals. Each workshop will be led by a group of students as well as a guest speaker.

Please be advised that participants will be encouraged to register in advance and the event will be promoted throughout out Academy as well as the Institute of Social Studies. We hope to have guest speakers for each of our workshops and we believe there will be lively debate!

For more information see the ISS website.

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